Dear Parents,

"School and Parents together are the torch bearers of education and tradition". We as teachers and parents have been assigned the onerous but wonderful task of imparting education to the future generation so that they not only carry forward the torch of our tradition but also adapt to new situations and times and become responsible citizens of the globe. Modern times are extremely challenging and competitive for our children. To be able to withstand the pressure of constant temptation and turmoil, it is imperative that values are imbibed are then at an early age.

The Indian family system lays much emphasis on 'Sanskar' and a wholesome moral upbringing of a child. The school as an extended family is therefore, an important platform, where values are reinforced in the individual firmly enough to hold through in every walk of life. We at SECR/HSS/EM/BSP instil values in our students constantly through our deeds and actions and by exposing them to situations that enable them to think, reason, question, reflect and act. They are given opportunities to develop sensitivity to truth and righteousness and to experience that bliss that comes by being good.

To upload and sustain these values among our children, we need the co-operation of parents and family members who will be with us in our noble mission of inculcating life long virtues in their wards. I hope this almanac will continue to serve on, as an effective communicative link between us. I wish you all a very successful and enriching academic session.

With Regards


Shri K. K. Mishra